Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October Dreams

Hubs got a new studio! And of course he relied on his designer wife to pick out some (cheap) furniture. My artistic man uses several media: photography, graphic, web, and video. And he is sharing the space with an artist friend who is a painter.

We split the rectangular space in half, giving each guy his own work station and putting a lounge area in the center for guests ti enjoy the art gallery displays.

Here's the furniture! Vintagey and easily cleanable! Can't get much better for two dudes, can it?!

Sofa is a leather craigslist score and the two grold (green+gold) vinyl chairs are vintage from the '60's.

Of course while searching for mid century reproductions, I found a super source for womb chairs and now I can't get them off my mind! I want one for christmas for my apartment...

Should I get orange? So classic...

Or beloved green? I do have a lot of green already... But I LOVE it!

Womb chairs are so versatile. Awesome in a living room (check out that loud mcm aqua!)....

And great in a subdued, neutral space. This citron color is the bomb too.

Any ideas, friends???

Ps- look how much pumpkin spice I've gone through in 2 weeks....

I put it in my pumpkin pie green smoothies: almond milk, canned pumpkin, apple, spinach, green powder, raw protein powder, Stevia to taste and LOTS of pumpkin pie spice! Yummmm!

What's that pretty nail polish color, you ask...

OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It. A lovely orange-red. inspired by Joslyn over at Simply Lovely.

- SG
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  1. i just discovered the blog simple lovely! i adore it! yes let's get together soon, for real this time;) next week?