Thursday, December 1, 2011


My favorite color has been purple for a long time, but I never tend to use a lot of it in interiors. And the whole contrasting color scheme thing usually isn't my favorite way to do an interior space, but Mancuso Warner Miller did a great job with using purple and yellow, contrasting colors, both in bright intensities, and making it pop.

I do like the use of symmetry in the space. I think it grounds all the bright colors and gives a sense of order to a space that could feel a little "too." The pairs of matching chairs, pillows, mirrors and console, lamps, and even the valances are all very balanced feeling.

Love this styling: bowls, geodes, and lucite.

I usually discourage placing furniture in front of windows, but this chaise fits there so cleverly! 

Great little console/desk and love that pop of sunshine yellow! 

Really cool sofa table. Anyone know where that's from? 

This might be my favorite view: that artwork and that buffet are wonderful! 

Really, such a great space!

What's your take on contrasting colors as a color scheme?


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