Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lonny is my dream mag

You guys, I love Lonny Mag. Really. Everytime I remember to browse through it, my creativity is inspired!

Here are some of my favorite images from the latest issue (eye candy):

I love you, LA
Mmm, love a moody bookcase (from Dwell Studios)

adorable kitchen, with Wisteria barstools, and cute open shelves and knick-knacks

Wish this was my breakfast nook. How cozy!
loving the farmhouse style table, zebra cafe curtains, industrial chandelier, and pop of red!

drool, amazing application of Black Crow Studios Wallpaper!

Fun living room- but I really love that swirly marbled green malachite-y wallpaper in the entry!
such an unexpectedly soft and retro bedroom

I always adore inky walls

Oh Lonny, you never disappoint.

See any trends you like? Any trends you hate?

I'm all ears. :)


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