Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nate Berkus... is coming to Target!

I realize I am slow to get in the loop on this, but I just found out that Nate Berkus is doing a line of home accessories at Target this fall. I'm giddy.

Remember that time I was in NYC at the Trad Home Magazine Launch Party and I saw Nate Berkus from afar and totally geeked out, didn't ask for a picture or a handshake, but just watched him like a hawk from the other side of the room?  Yah. I love him.  

 Here are some images of his beautiful design work:

all photos from www.NateBerkusdesign.com

Well.... Target is launching a line of home accessories by Nate on October 21st! I am giddy! Take a peek at these:

images from CopyCatChic

Love them all! What's your favorite? I think the jute rug and the gold pillow are mine. My friend Lauren and I are contemplating camping out for some of this cool stuff when they launch the line! Yes, we're a little crazy.




  1. Veldig fin blogg og innlegg er svært ultimate. Takk for shaing med oss alle ferdighus

  2. That was an awesome photography of interior designs! Is Nate Berkus also did that design?

  3. Steph this is so soon! We need to prepare!