Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ideas for Baby Gahm

    Baby Gahm
Made this moodboard for my ideas for Baby Gahm's nursery. Colors will change a bit once I know the gender. For instance, the Campaign Chest Ikea hack would be cobalt blue if baby is a boy and will stay raspberry if it's a girl.

Obsessed with this triangle quilt and am determined to make my own, again colors may change. I think it works with the geometric mobile too.

I want the walls a nice grey.

My mother in law bought me that poster for the artwork- it's the alphabet according to MCM designs.

I'm obsessed with giraffes for this baby- could be cute boy or girl. I've already purchased a Sophie, cuz I couldn't help myself. Too adorable.

 I also want to add some Scamp and Wanderlusters artwork too... maybe we'll use some of our personal photos from 2009.




  1. girl you know how i feel about giraffes!

  2. I did NOT know how you felt about giraffes! Love that you love them!