Friday, November 2, 2012


Just wanted to post some pretties today. I've been working on a bright white kitchen for a client that is going to be dreamy, but just needed a place to dump some pretty design ideas of a different feel and style.

Swooning over this dark kitchen! The designer, Tamara Kaye-Honey knocked out the dividing wall between living room and kitchen and make a room divider/bookcase/breakfast bar. Such a great idea for small spaces! I think I love the color combination most of all- that dark grey with the medium walnut wood and touches of brass. It's midcentury, but also modern and classic.

Modern dining room. Love everything: the chandelier, the chrome trim on the chairs, warm wood floors, grey leather, and the powder lilac paint color.

I'm always a sucker for anything zebra print (I wonder when I will get tired of it?)- such a graphic pop. But that built-in bar cabinet is so glam! Love the vintage-inspired wallpaper inside, and the brass on mirror accents outside!

I love how all the available surfaces are treated: orange lacquered ceiling, herringbone painted floor, and seagrass papered walls! Those funky chairs are a great silhouette too!

 That graphic painting- makes the neutral room, don't you think?



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