Friday, November 16, 2012

A Study in Putting it All Together

    Gerhardt Study v.2
Here's another project I've been working on. 
This client has a study that needs a little TLC. They adore Restoration Hardware and knew they wanted to source any and all new pieces from there, they just needed a little help with the layout, windows, and accessories.

I drew up their plan and the room isn't very big, especially with the curved wall. I usually like to do two lounge chairs opposite a desk in a home office, but it was too crowded with the curved wall! So we went with one large statement chair- the Copenhagen.

I  didn't like how he was working off the built-ins, so I suggested we get a small desk (the one pictured is from Resto) to go in front, with a desk chair in between. Because the small room can feel crowded fast, I went with an open legged desk that would not get too visually heavy. We will accessorize the shelves with books and objets to give that main wall visual impact. 

I loved the black painted cabinet they already were using for storage (and surprise! it's also a secretary-style desk for her crafts and projects) and I loved having it along that secondary wall for interest. They just need help placing wall art around it and accessorizing the top (easy peasy). Putting that large Copenhagen chair in the corner gives a little reading nook and the height of the chair is good for that wall too.

The uncovered windows are on the front of the house (not very private!), so I suggested some grass shades flanked by stationary creamy linen panels, which will also soften up the dark masculine walls. I love the wall color they chose- it makes the space feel dark and intimate and manly. 

These people have great taste, but just needed me to help them put the pieces together.

I'll post pics when everything is complete!




  1. I have 2 of that wooden restoration hardware chair! They go with our office furniture. I don't know how old they are though :-)

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    I have 2 of that wooden rebuilding equipment seat! They run with our office furniture. I don't know how old they are however