Thursday, November 15, 2012

In Progress

     Party Room

I've been working on this really great project for the last two months and figured I should probably share it here on the ol' blog. Here's the moodboard with the design ideas I presented. The client owns a restaurant and needs some functionality and design added to the party room.

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There's this beautiful giant window that takes up most of one of the long walls, but it's West facing, which  means late afternoons and evenings are blinding in here! They wanted some window coverings, so I proposed some French-y Conrad Shades, like these:

Conrad Shades Portfolio

Here's the selection of shade options that will need to work with the existing dining chairs.

They have this custom wine storage cabinet that is 14' long and had nothing interesting above it. I found this large (7'x3') antique industrial mirror from an antique dealer here in town to hang above. The client asked for an asymmetrical application to reflect as much natural light from the windows as possible. Still hunting for the perfect piece to balance it. I want a large aged looking planter with an interesting topiary inside.

 Not this, but you get the idea. 

Then my very favorite piece: the stacked bar system I designed to go in this boring little niche. They weren't using the space for anything, so I thought it would be the perfect spot for a bar. I'll put pretty glass carafes, wine glasses, trays with little vases, etc there and during parties, they can put all the dedicated wines and beverages and ice buckets along the marble counter top. I think it turned out amazing!

So that's the work in progress. I'll be sure to post more photos the further along we get.



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  1. i LOVE it stephanie! i can't wait to see the finished room!!