Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Granny Chic

I am just SO busy lately. Sorry to neglecting the blog. We've finally moved in to our new place and I LOVE it. The tenant before us had a case of serious dwelling neglect so I've also been SUPER busy painting everything! I have the most wonderful color scheme going on. And providentially, have found almost every can of paint on sale (I love you, Home Depot paint rejects shelf!). I am going for a recycled, vintage, granny-chic, bright colors kind of look in the new place. Here are some of my inspiration paint swatches... so far:

So this fits right in. I want to make one! Get some molding scraps, broken ornate garage sale find frames, etc, and spray them all a nice burnished gold before mounting them on the real mirror frame. Wouldn't it be a super fast and easy DIY project? I think so.

I saw this on Design*Sponge today and developed a crush. Most decidedly AGAINST the antler head trend, I couldn't help but like this rhino bust. Is that weird? Sometimes, I cannot explain why I am attracted to some things... (like rompers or harem pants) and this is a prime example:

I kind of want him.




  1. Ahhh I love your color pallet. Drool.

  2. Those colors are SO you. I cannot wait to see the works of your hands. Orangey-red and yellow ochre, plus those yummy blues? Yes please.

    I like the rhino too. :) And can I tell you? I adore harem pants, inexplicably. One of my greatest regrets is not buying a pair while we were in Morocco. They were everywhere!