Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Inspiration

Hello, new week! I'm ready for you!Here's some inspiration to get you going too.

 Glam Cam (Diaz, that is). How care-free and glam she is! That's how I look when I'm just hanging 'round the house. Notice those tufted Barcelona-eque chairs... the breezy white color palette with color from flowers. So Cali.
image from Vogue, June 2009. source.
Speaking of Barcelona Chairs.... really trying to fit them into the budget for a project I'm working on. They're just so classically chic.
image from DWR
I often neglect my bedroom when it comes to decorating. I am guilty of treating it like the functional ugly step-child since no one really comes over to see it. But I love the simplicity of this image, combined with the striking artwork. You don't need much fluff added to this, do you?
I predict that my color for the summer season will be this red-orange. I've loved this color for a few years now, but I'm starting to see it everywhere- it's definitely gone commercial, wouldn't you say? I love it for summertime. By the way, can anyone source that upholstery fabric on that settee? I think it's gorgeous. 
Image from the fabulous M. Design Interiors

Hope you have a great week ahead!

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  1. I love the color in the last photo. I believe you are right in that we will be seeing a lot more of it. It is a great summer color.