Friday, March 18, 2011

Green + Gold = Grold?

Just a little eye candy for your Friday. :)

by Nate Berkus
 I love everything about this photo: the stripes on the wood floors, that rattan chair, the ceiling beams, those cool blue chairs, that INCREDIBLE chandelier... oh and you KNOW I love that green/gold (let's call it "grold") tufted sofa with the MCM vibe. Sigh. So great. I think rooms like this feel comfortable and inviting but still have a stylish, pulled-together look. Nothing is matchy-matchy, yet everything works together.
(Doesn't hurt that the home has great bones- check out those arches!)

I think the symmetry of the space plan- two armoires flanking the window, the seating arrangement, the 2 stools by the fireplace- rein in those casual, eclectic furniture pieces into a formal arrangement. What a great balance!

Those 2 rugs anchor each area into its own little spot. And the green plants add life and a welcome splash of color!

Well done, Nate, well done! 
(Like he needed my approval)



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  1. Love this space too!
    The green and the gold really make a statement!