Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Designer Things

Ok so these aren't really finds seeing as the dec center is the place for everyone to see cool things on display, but here are a few things that struck my fancy the other day:

Seashell themed things can seem so one-note (hello beach house!), but I'm starting to appreciate this motif in a broader sense. As long as the seashells aren't actually from the beach and hot glued together to make something "artsy..."

Again, shell-like things done well- mirror and delicious turquoise sconces. Really, I think I took this picture for those sofa pillows. I'm kind of obsessed with metallic fabric right now.

Oh hi, don't mind me snapping a pic if this fantastic mirror. But really, isn't it great?! Again with the ocean inspired accessories!

(lamp is from Lee Jofa; other photos taken at Courtney & Co)

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