Friday, March 11, 2011

Costaaaaah pt.2

La Paz Waterfall Gardens! We hiked and toured this garden and park full of tropical animals. It was up on the mountain so the weather was misty and wet. We all bought ponchos to stay dry during the hike.

Here is the main waterfall. Beautiful, isn't it?

Angry bird.

I'm laughing because this toucan promptly pooped on my hat as soon as he landed there. The guide there said (in his heavy Spanish accent), "ooooh, don worry. Eets jus banana." And it was just banana on my hat- even if it had passed through that toucan's digestive tract.

Then we stopped for a lunch. This is dessert: rice pudding with cinnamon plantains!

Fresh mango juice and real Costa Rican grown coffee!

Next was the Coffee Plantation tour- I was one happy camper! The plantation was lower in altitude that the waterfall garden so we drove down back into the sunshine.

Lovely day, right?


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