Monday, March 14, 2011

Last pics of Costaaaah

Here is the last batch of photos from our trip (I promise!). I hope you've enjoyed them instead of suffering through them like some relative's boring slide show of their vacation.

Cigar guy- guess what he's doing? Yah. Making cigars.

Message in a bottle!

Beach sunset at the Los Suenos Resort near Jaco.

Day in the sun

I cannot remember what this fruit was called, but it was Delish! It must have been related to a pomegranate. When I opened it, it was hollow with these dark sunflower seed-like seeds in a clear jelly. Appetizing? No. But tasty? Yes.

One of our dinners. That's my pal Katie on the left and me note right.

El Avion- a restaurant with an old WWII airplane inside it. Here's my man surveying the beach.

Here's that airplane...

And here's the best drink I think I've ever had- Cool Runner. It was like a mango colada. So yum!!!

Thanks for offering through my vacay pics!


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  1. I have loved your pictures! Kind of like reliving the trip (I WISH WE WERE THERE NOW!). I think the fruit was called grandilla, which someone said is the same as passion fruit. Yum yum.