Monday, January 19, 2009


I love this color combo. It's like Valentine's Day, isn't it? Found at ColourLover.


  1. I've missed you! And I'm a teensy bit jealous of how cute you look in your glasses.

    Yay for long hair! Maybe this is the year for you to try some different lengths/colors. How fun!

  2. LOL. Are those faux glasses? love it. I too, love SJP's hair. She's a motivation for me to "rock" my hair. And after watching that marathon of all the SATC before the movie, I feel like they are my friends too. I used to feel that way about grey's anatomy, before all the story lines got crazy.

    As far as clothes-- you are going to get sick of whatever you pack. I'd bring stuff that all coordinates, so that you can mix and match and it'll still look good. Bring variety so that you don't get sick of the same shoes and jeans. It's going to wear out your clothes--washing them over and over, so I don't recommend bringing your most favorite clothing. Every time I've gone abroad, the clothes I wore the most-- i rarely wear again because they got faded/stretched out and I wore the fun out of them. :-). Accessories are a great idea! I know you aren't going abroad and you'll have more room, but maybe that will help you!

  3. aren't going abroad= right away i mean! :-)

  4. I'm inspired to have long locks too.. I am also growing my hair out and I hate this awkward stage! I am growing it the longest it's ever been (I hope I can make it). Love those SJP hair pics!! :)

  5. are you leaving me to be the only Ramona?

  6. I can relate to the hair color dilemma. I've tried to go darker before too, but I've been highlighting my hair since I was 16. It never stays dark for long.

    Also, definitely bring a few fun, flirty dresses because I have no doubt there will be some restaurants or venues that you won't want to miss and will require a little femininity.

    Good luck with the packing does sound like a challenge. :-)

  7. I am totally wanting long hair again too! What is wrong with me! All those prego mags said not to chop it all off when you are preggers and what did I do? Chopped 10 inches off!

    Oh dear.

  8. My long hair inspirations are Jenny Lewis and Zooey Deschanel. Escept I don't have wavy hair, so I'm bound to be disappointed. If I don't use a flat-iron on my long hair, it just frizzes out at the bottom. So not attractive.

    My short hair ispirations are Audrey Tautou and Nora Zehetner (obviously, from when their hair was short).

    My "in-between" inspiration is Katie Holmes.

    You look adorable with shorter hair. Just sayin'.