Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gorgeous San Diego Home

Do you love this Apartment Therapy post about a STUNNING house near San Diego!?

This is my favorite photo of the entire house! The wood grain ad white plastic make my heart flutter. So clean, yet warm!

The living room is amazing. The warmth of the wood mixed, indirect lighting, and mid century modern furniture create an incredibly laid back and pulled together room.

This is the back courtyard area. LOVE the stretched canopy over head.

entrance to the front door

The back yard and pool

the back of the house at night

Find the photo gallery here. and the AT post here. Jora, the home owner's blog here.


  1. Sounds like you are having so much fun!
    I just saw this house today too...its GORGEOUS!

  2. enjoy your snow boarding!! sounds like you are having a wonderful time... much deserved.

  3. Houston's crap. Don't raise your kids here. LOL JAY KAY! EVERYONE says that about Austin... well not me but I know a lot of Houstonians who "hate Houston" to some degree say it. Austin is beautiful though, I give you that!!! Love those houses on the hillsides. GORGEOUS! It was nice to hear from Taylor today. Miss you guys! :) Hope we can catch up gmail-chat style soon!