Monday, October 19, 2009

Lovely Shelving

WOW. I love this shelving unit that Ascot Friday built themselves! The styling is also incredible! I like the graphic illustrations, objets d'art, and desk chair... (and HELLO! that gold velvet chair to the left is FAB!)

photos from Ascot Friday.

Apparently, they got the idea from The Brick House. This $200 DIY shelving unit is being spread around blogland and for good reason! So cool! Here are the DIY instructions straight from Brick House:

"The unit is 8'8" wide by roughly 7'6" tall and 11 1/4" deep

Supply List:
Plumbing pipe and fittings (all at 1/2")

18 - 90ยบ elbows
14 - 3-way tees
8 - Base flanges

6 - 12"
7 - 18"
1 - 32"
3 - 30" (Custom cut at home depot)
1 - 42" (Custom cut at home depot)
14 - 8"
4 - 9" (black gas pipe for the top flange wall connectors)

Wood Shelves
2 - 1" x 12" x 10' pine planks (cut down to 8'8")
2 - 1" x 12" x 6' pine planks (cut down to 4'4")

Minwax Stain
1 - Dark Walnut
1 - Walnut
(I mixed 1/2 and 1/2 to get the color I wanted)

Rustoleum Gloss Spray Paint
3 - Black

Drilled holes in the pine planks for the pipe to fit through. We used a 3/4" round drill bit to allow some wiggle room.
Clean all the grease of the pipes (dish soap will do) and spray paint all the pipes black.
Then sand and stain the wood.
After that it just all screws together.

The hard part was figuring out all the math and prepping everything. The Boy and I assembled it by ourselves pretty quickly and surprisingly easily and then secured it to the wall with some screws through the flanges. That thing is SOLID."

AMAZING JOB, Brick House!!!!!!! I could totally envision this with glossy red painted pipes and a sexy white Eames molded plastic chair with a wood base!

Photo from The Brick House.

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