Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thrift love

Spotted these gems at a local thrift spot last week. I wanted to take all of them home!
(sorry for the photo quality- iphone blogging, y'all)

Camel leather sofa w/Danish style arms- $900

These need a reupholstery make-over! Like these similarly styled chairs upholstered in my fave Lee Jofa David Hicks La Fiorentina! 

image from Furbish

Really cool tribal woven rug- $75. Kinda small at 3.5x5, but I love the look of layering over a big seagrass rug!

Texture close up

Big cowhide, perfect for an area rug- $190.

Amazing green urn, $45

Don't think it's a real Saarinen (I checked the bottom), but cool green wool desk chair!

I only I had the space, all of these delicious finds would be mine!

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  1. fun! were you at the guild? i LOVE that rug...i should go get it;)