Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh, it's vintage

This week, I moved my grandparents out of their home of 26 years and into an awesome assisted living home near my parents. Really, this new place is cool- they answer the phone with "cruiseship on land."

During the move, grandma told me to take whatever I wanted from the old house and boy did I find some gems!

Vintage suede and leather boots (with fur lining) in my size! who knew my huge foot genes came from grandma! ;)

Smith Corona typewriter. I think it's from the '60's... not a Valentine or anything, but still pretty neat.

Mink stole- don't get upset people, it's vintage, before PETA was even around. No red paint please.
My grandma is so cute. When talking about the mink stole, she said, "well, I used to be kind of stylish." KIND OF???! I'd say, VERY stylish. ;)

~ Stephanie
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  1. glad to hear they are going to a fun place... love the "cruiseship on land"

    great finds for you!!!! that fur wrap is just stunning and those boots, love them!!!!