Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Walk-in Closet

Check out this beautiful before and after closet remodel from Husligheter at DesignSponge!

I love the gallery style, with a wall of open shelving for shoes, and then built ins on the other side to hide hanging clothes and drawers. The only thing missing is a huge full-length mirror for catwalk practice, right?

I will always love that greenish-yellow color and that fun retro Kelly Wearstler wallpaper pattern. And what a cute idea to store jewelry and other trinkets in little glass candy dishes!

The built ins also house a vanity with Hollywood lighting! How fun! The natural window lighting is probably amazing as well. How many closets have you seen with windows????

I bet you could find everything you need for a closet redo like this from Ikea. Add a vanity area with lighting, and you're set. Love it!


  1. Oh, my bohemme. How I love your blog.

    And that wallpaper.

    And really, just that whole closet.

    Good eye, friend!

    P.S. My verification word to post this is "Borsh." Sounds like a Russian stew, no?

  2. that isn't a closet; it IS a room with a window and someone is simply calling it a closet.