Monday, July 27, 2009

White Hot

I dug through my "inspiration file" the other day and noticed a theme: I'm gravitating towards whites. I'm normally not into white interiors- I love color and lots of it- but these crisp white interiors are so glam, crisp, and cool! Or maybe it's the summer heat.

I think the key to a neutral color palette is texture. Having a variety of materials keeps the palette complex and rich. The woods, the metals, the lucite and glass all give a depth to the light color palette.

These are some of my favs (and forgive me, I can't remember where most of them came from):

these two images from Atlantis Home


  1. love this post! all the images make my heart sing of happiness:)
    I love white interiors with pops of colour! that first image with the bit of yellow on the lounge is pure heaven!!

  2. I love the third photo, with the blue art on the wall and the chandelier. Seems kinda French! :-)