Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Pinterest has taken all of my blogging time. I'm newly obsessed with pinning all the cool things I see online to my Pinterest (check mine out!), rather than blogging about them. Sorry, y'all. Bad, blogger, bad! I hope you forgive me.

My guy and I have been rethinking the old apartment. It's ridiculously tiny, but we are perhaps thinking we could make it a small/cool space, a la Apartment Therapy. 

Have a peek at fellow Houstonian and the most recent small/cool award winner's space. It's rad, I know you'll love it (It's all about good bones, I tell ya!).

{wide angle view}
{he space planned everything himself}

{Tiny Bedroom separated w/a screen}

{kitchen/bar table eating area}

{screen also acts as a movie screen- genius}

Just takes some fore-thought. 

And a wide open space. :)

What are your favorite space-saving tricks and tips? 

Have you ever lived in a space that was teeny, like this guy's 400 square foot pad?



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  1. I've been doing exactly the same! Too much pinteresting & not enough blogging :-) I'm now following some of your boards!!

    ~ Clare x