Saturday, June 11, 2011


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 I've been spending some time laying out by a pool recently- it's done wonders for my soul! There's something magical about summer sunlight. It causes me to wake up excited about the day, wanting to hurry up and get my work done so I can be spend all my extra time outside! And the summer evenings... oh the summer evenings. After about 7pm, the breeze picks up and everything cools down a bit- and it's light out until 8:30 or 9! 

I am just SO enjoying summertime right now. Are you?

Anyway, one of my favorite blogs is Brick House (Morgan's writing is hilarious and her MCM vintage flea-market chic style is bad-A). 

Exhibit A 

Anyways, she had the genius idea of making a pool for her backyard that doesn't cost 5 digits to install. 
This is hers:
GREAT IDEA, RIGHT?!?!?! She wrote that the 10' tank cost about $500. You can then plumb it out and add a filtration system, like this and you have a real live pool! Texans, this is for you. 

Check out these sexy pics of a gorgeous tank pool:

That deck built around it is perfect. Add a couple lounge chairs and I'd be in heaven! Filing this project away for when I've got a yard. :)

 Thanks, Morgan for sharing your brilliant idea with the rest of us!



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  1. i LOVE that pool idea! it would be full of leaves & bird poo in my backyard. i haven't layed by a pool in YEARS. my whiteness is impressive;)