Saturday, January 21, 2012

Half Marathon

Some pics from the Houston Half Marathon! I did it! In under 3 hrs! My time was 2:35:56, and that included some walking during mile 10-11 when I thought my heart was going to explode!!!

picking up my packet!!

gettin' ready

running, running, running (friends joining me)

finish line, friends, medal

hubs got me stickers and a rose and took me out for my fav dinner

Such a great day! 
I felt so loved and supported by friends and family! 
Plus I raised $600 for my charity, Living Water International!

I did learn some things though: 
1) Do NOT take ibuprofen mid-race or your heart rate will drop andyou'll think you're having a heart attack;
2) Do NOT have a 2-hr massage the day after the race unless you wanna have mad toxins circulating, making you feel like poo;
3) DO drink lots of green juice and water the week after and get plenty of sleep, ah!

- SG, Posted from my iPhone

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