Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fabulous Outdoors

The weather is warming up significantly AND it's still muggy from all the recent rain... must be spring in Houston! Not my favorite season here. At least I've got a fun outdoor patio to design today. Between Michael Taylor pieces and Janus et Cie, I've got a lot of eye candy in front of me. Here are some of my fave. Janus pieces. The catalog photos are just so pretty, I had to share.

That gorgeously contemporary house doesn't make a bad backdrop for the furniture, does it? 

Now let's pretend we live in sunny Los Angeles and can live outdoors all year long, lounging on such pretty pieces, sipping sparkly cocktails.... that is, unless you do live in sunny Los Angeles, in which case, I'm horrifically jealous and might even hate you (just a teency bit). ;)



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