Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sexy Lighting Apparatus

So um, yah, I didn't realize I just posted my 300th blog post yesterday! What in the world?!?!?! Happy blog-birthday to me? Weird. 

Anyway, I came across Apparatus via Scout Design, a super cool design due in NYC who I met last year while working for Julie. Remind me to tell y'all more about that trip and my semi-stalking Nate Berkus. Callie, of Scout Design, is a good ol' Texas girl, from Fredricksberg, apparently. But I digress (this rabbit-trailing of my stories is making me sound more and more like my sweet grandmother who is constantly weaving together long threads of stories tied together that don't really relate. It's genetic, I guess)....

So yah, I was checking out Scout Design's cool blog and saw these incredible INCREDIBLE light fixtures. This chandelier is so so yummy. Mid Century meets industrial, right? It would work in almost any interior.

 I mean....

Cool, sconces. Grasspaper doesn't hurt either. ;)

Hanging industrial chain light w/exposed bulbs? yes.

New take on a Hollywood mirror bathroom sconce- so interesting.

The piece de resistance- come on y'all, this stuff is crazy gorgeous! Just look at that chandelier! And do those guys know how to style or what. That marblized wall finish is incredible paired with the linear rug. I love this.

That art is so cool too!

Gallery lighting, updated and reinterpreted- genius.

Anyway, the two dudes behind Apparatus, are pretty hip. Check out this cool Q&A blogged over here. And get yo'self some sexy lighting apparatus... or apparati? Does it matter? No. Cuz this stuff is so good-looking.



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