Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Birk Love

I've been watching this Birkenstock craze to see if it will stick...

My only connotation of that sandal was that hippies and my aunt with foot problems wear them so they didn't exactly strike me as glam. I was so skeptical, assuming it would be a mild trend that not many people actually embrace (think, recent overall comeback), but Y'ALL, it's sticking around! And they're actually looking AWESOME!

Then I saw Sarah over at Whoorl gushing about them on Facebook and so many people commented with their Birk-clad feet! And all so cute. It kind of solidified my enchantment.

My very sweet ol' lady Abby (that means "roomie" in Aggie talk) messaged me one day about seeing my comment on FB about Birks. She was wanting the exact pair! Within the week, she had found some stellar deal at DSW and is now the proud owner of some Black Gizahs. The following week, I texted her asking how they were feeling, and as we're talking, I get out to fill up my car at the gas station and the woman in the sleek black escalade next to me steps out of her car wearing, you guessed it, some Gizahs.

Duh, if Heidi Klum is wearing them, they must be in. 

Yah, so pretty much, all this to say, destiny wants me to get myself a pair. And who am I to disagree with destiny? :)


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