Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Open Plan

So I guess almost year between posts in normal when you have a baby, right? Here's hoping to a little more consistency as I now have a TODDLER! (How did that happen?)

I love Jenny's blog Little Green Notebook and was perusing her posts last night when I saw THIS:

everything. I love everything.

It literally took my breath away. As I scrolled down looking at each beautiful image, I realized my appreciation was not just for the style and aesthetic, but also for the open plan. I've often been an open plan snob. Often clients ask me for a melding of the formal and casual spaces which can often look mish-mashed. And often times builder-ready homes marketed to have "open plans"really just look like a great room with no delineation of space.

paintings above the sink

But now that I am a mother and have a VERY busy toddler who always wants to be under my feet, I am COMPLETELY ENAMORED with the concept of an open plan living space. I mean, wash the dishes in a closed off kitchen that's separate from the family room? Last week when I did that, I found my 15 month old, in the powder bath, stirring toilet water with one arm up to her armpits, and holding her can of puff snacks with the other- I presume she was attempting chip 'n' dip. ::Shudder:: Gross.

fridge, microwave, beg area opening into the dining area

So anyway, I'm a recent convert to open plan homes. And THIS one does it so well.

those shades WITH the patterned draperies! (She's also a textile designer and that fabric is her own design! Love a woman who creates in several media!

You may have already seen these pics in Domino of Lauren Liess's incredible renovation. She tore down walls, re-configured the kitchen layout completely, added a big beautiful island, and made a bar/fridge nook off to the side near the dining space. It's so incredible.

the flavor of her kitchen just flows right into the open family room. 
She did such an amazing job creating a large multi-tasking space with style that flows. I love how well she did that!

The space has such a great vintage/country/industrial vibe that is inviting, unique, and casual while staying stylish and cool. I think those open iron shelves are my favorite too- although I'm still not convinced I could do open shelves in my own kitchen (too many mismatched messy things!).

I also LOVE the barstools and that leather living room chair in the bottom left-hand corner of this photo.

For more photos, check out her blog here.


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