Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Inspiration

Happy Late Monday!

I'm heading out for a midday run (as soon as I post this) and my legs are just itching for it. It's been nearly two weeks since I've fallen out of my running routine (thanks to sickness and traveling).

via Tilly & Fran.

Unexpected Color Palette: Aqua and Eggplant. 
The soft grey background is the perfect background for this combo.

Someone did a wedding in these colors! How lovely! I especially love the peacock feathers. hearts!

Unusual Art: Drafting Tools.
I like this idea of mounting tools as art. I spy drafting tools!

Spa Luxury: Humongous Bath Tub.
I was bemoaning missing our huge garden tub at the first place we lived when we were brand-newlyweds. I never get tired of a nice bubble bath with fragrant bath bombs and salts. Mmmm... relaxation.

Make-It-Yourself Summer Treats: Healthy Popcicles.
All I need are some super cute popcicle molds (like these or these) and fresh fruit. Yum!

Now for that run....


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