Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pottery- Not from a barn

While visiting Kansas City for a dear friend's wedding, we met some interesting people. One being Matt Jorgenson, a ceramics artist and potter. Once a student at the art institute in Kansas City, he currently lives in Minnesota honing his skills at a pottery studio. His background is in interior decor and design, so naturally I began to think of him as an up and coming Jonathan Adler, but in reverse (designer turned potter, rather than potter turned designer, as Jonathan Adler). I liked his theory about how creating large luxury pieces that have no other purpose than beauty is, of course, directly related to luxury interiors. So it would only be natural for the two fields to be related!

His pieces are incredible. I love how large they are and the abstract detail that he puts into them. These large objets de l'art are etched, painted, and partially dipped. I took some snaps of his work hanging around the apartment where some of his student work lives.

the one on the far right is actually a butter dish!
tea pot
butter dish

sugar jar

the artist at work

These images make me want to try my hand at pottery again! I love the forms of all those pieces as well as the colors and finishes! So cool!


*professional images from Kansas City Art Institute, his alma mater.

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