Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer's End

So sorry for my lapse in blogging, guys. I've had an eventful end of summer including:
  • finishing up a long design project (which is turning out GREAT, by the way- moodboard soon)
  • me and husband's 3 year wedding anniversary (tribute post soon)
  • playing with lots of new friends and community in our new city home
  • watching lots of documentaries
  • running a lot in preparation for the half marathon (think about trying Vibram Five Fingers), also just bought this app to help my training program
  • researching going raw (see this link for how I'm going to slowly acclimate) or at least 51% raw because of this movie

So that's what I've been doing. 

My next arty project is going to be something similar to this wedding invite from 100 Layer Cake. I want to slowly begin making a piece of "doodle" art that frames a silhouette of me and hubby... a late 3rd anniversary project. So cute, right? My sister-in-law made a list of all the inside jokes she and her husband shared and framed it and gave it to him for their 10th wedding anniversary. I think doodling my inside jokes and dreams with my man in this kind of way will be a great sentimental piece of personal art. I'm excited. First, I'll find a silhouette-y photo of us that I love and scan it and photoshop it into a silhouette. 

Then I'll begin the slow doodling process.


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