Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Inspiration

Hi friends! I hope you had a relaxing weekend like I did! My brother came to visit, we paid a visit to the art museums, we had delicious dinner with friends, visited family on the north side of town, helped friends move, tried out some new raw vegan recipes, and even got to go out for a walk/jog in the beautiful cooler weather (dear weather, please stay this lovely).  

I am in good spirits and excited for this next week, translation: I'm inspired.  

This Monday's Inspiration:

This print. 
Pretty much sums it up, don't you think?
by Jennifer Ramos

The soft rain showers that made the air smell so fresh and clean! 
I usually despise the rain, but these quick summer showers have been bright and energizing.

This stairwell that reminds me of a mad scientist's lair.
Not to mention, that slate blue wall with wooden floor and treads is a wonderful color combination.
Beautiful Lonny mag and Larson-Juhl. 
This online magazine is just eye candy (psst, isn't that bedspread to die for?!).
newest issue of Lonny

This calligraphy inspired script tattoo.
So very lovely.

Happy Monday!




  1. Happy Monday to you!!
    I love the rain! jumping playing splashing and just being in the rain. It is quite romantic in a down pour to be kissing the one you adore!
    I love the rain!

  2. i love that poster framed! you should get it and hang it in your stephanie nook!
    miss you!