Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Art Find

I recently discovered the work of Austin artist and central Texas native, Chuck Voelter from Austin blogger Adrienne Breaux.

 His abstract work is linear, organic, and colorful.

Similar to her style of painting, don't you think?

Twombly at MOMA


I'm such a sucker for abstract expressionism. I favor works similar to those of Pollack, Koonig, Twombly, and Rothko.



  1. de Kooning is probably my favorite contemporary artist. This is exactly the style of art that I admire enthusiastically but cannot replicate because I overthink it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. BTW, my "captcha" just now was "undali," which I think is appropriate, as these works of art are very "un-Dali." :)

  3. I'm incredibly flattered that you've featured my work; I've recently updated my website, please have a look:

    Thanks again!

  4.‎ Hello I think you might enjoy my work .. Thanks for your interest in abstract and helping others to enjoy it as well. xoxo