Sunday, April 11, 2010

Peonies... too late in Texas

 Peonies are my very favorite flowers! They have been for years and years! (Well, I used to favor paper white narcissus, until my mom bought me some for my 16th birthday and their phototropism completely weirded me out. It's like they're alive! eew!) Anyway, now I love peonies and ranunculas. They just feel like spring!

Anyway, these lovely spring flowers only grow in the late winter here in Texas, unfortunately.

 Besides peonies and ranunculas, I just tend to gravitate towards ruffle-y flowers, especially if they happen to be purple or fuschia!

Don't they just feel like spring!? LOVE how great that fuschia looks with the chartreuse seat upholstery. Mmm, jewel tones.... ahhhh, spring!

(sources: 1. & 2. SouthernFlourish, 3. Shabby Chic, 4. House and Home)



  1. they are my favorite flower too! Mine have just burst through the soil.... shouldn't be to long now! can't wait.

  2. gorgeous!

    yes- there is a link to that house on HAR, but it's sale pending. look under the 77019 zip codes, it's around 1200,000 I think.

  3. Thanks, Joni! I will look... out of sheer curiosity. :)

    Callie, how wonderful! I hope you take pictures of them!