Monday, April 12, 2010

When modern architecture met vintage thrift interiors....

Not love at first sound, you say?
Well, have a look at this home tour from Living Etc. This couple from Johannesburg lives in a fabulously industrial feeling home (read: concrete, garage-doors, lots of glass), but they don't have the sparse sleek Ligne Roset showroom kind of interiors. Their home is actually homey, with almost kitschy furnishings inside their modern shell.

 The article points out that the citrus yellow paint on kitchen cabinets is the perfect contradition to all the interior concrete. Owner Greg said, "We both felt a hi-tech kitchen would have been to predictable and a little too serious." I like that guy!

Sleek and sophisticated bathroom of subway tile and frameless glass shower has moisture loving plants to add a little life and interest.

 Their furniture is casual and comfy, but doesn't look out of place.

 Art still goes on the wall. And this thrifted bench, that they repainted fits too.

And inside their home office, they built a book shelf out of salvaged benches. Hooray for re-purposing!

Who says sleek-modern and vintage-thrifty can't go together?!


  1. And here's the full slideshow on Dwell, if you're interested!

  2. Oh sorry, looks like my first comment didn't post... I said I had seen this interior before and just realized it was from Unhappy Hipsters, who wrote a caption for a photo that appeared in Dwell's May 2008 issue.

  3. Oh and I also said I really like this house!