Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DIY Round Up!

Have I mentioned my love of hex tile before? Why, yes I think I have. 
Here's a cool DIY tutorial to disguise ugly vinyl/linoleum bathroom floors and give them a faux hex tile look.

 I know I know, everyone is bananas over chevron, and so am I. Even though this tutorial is circulating blogland, it's so good, I need to make sure you've seen it. I LOVE that this chevron application is in muted colors... I think that creates an elegant understated feel to this otherwise bold graphic pattern. And yes, one accent wall is plenty.

Apparently those designer duvet cover companies are making a killing, because making one yourself is so easy! I am super eager to try out these simple instructions for making your own duvet cover. You can even purchase two flat sheets of designer bedding to make a cheaper version! This is my dream duvet, but I would use this fabric.


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