Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Inspiration (because Monday was uninspiring)

I'm currently excessively googley-eyed over my man this week. His birthday is coming up, so I've been thinking of things to get him and ways to make his day special (although he is the most low-key birthday boy). He really works so hard and treats me so well. This last year was one of the most beautiful and most difficult years we've ever experienced but I couldn't have survived it with anyone else. He is so good for me. :)

Speaking of last year, people keep asking me where we are going to travel next... sigh... I don't know. As much as I adore traveling, I'm actually quite content to stay in one place for now... it's like having too much candy... your tummy hurts a little bit, but it doesn't mean you'll never want candy again.

What if, in our next place, we vow to not buy anything new to furnish it? What if, we buy used and repurpose/renovate existing pieces? These are things I am pondering....

 unknown source

How do we feel about blue or teal nail polish? I can't seem to bring myself to try it for fear of looking like a twelve-year-old. Any thoughts?

In case you were wondering, THIS is my favorite nail color.... just in case you were wondering. 

I adore this moodboard by Making It Lovely. SUCH great ideas for a backyard lounge area.

 Those egg chairs always make me thing of the Mexican Resort in the Sex and the City movie.

Hope your week is going well!



  1. I won't wear all those funky colors on my hands..for the same reason you stated, but on my toes...I feel like anything goes...and have worn BOTH those colors! This was a great post!

  2. The secret to being able to pull of teal or blue nail polish is to keep your nails pretty short and don't let the polish get ratty looking. This may sound really silly but it looks great if the outfit you are wearing has pink or red in it. I did teal toes for a wedding last summer which was a little hilarious. I am glad that the bride didn't care and thought they looked great.