Monday, June 14, 2010

Breakfast Club- members? 1.

Does this look amazing or does this look amazing? 

These photos looks delish. Of course, I found this on Design*Sponge. You can get the recipe there. SAGE pesto? Has anyone tried this before???

I've been in a serious breakfast/brunch phase lately. I even mentioned this to my hubby, saying musingly, "I think I'm just really into breakfast-y kinds of food lately." His facial expression response was one that said, "Ya think?!" I mean, how many times can I make that Smitten Kitchen Breakfast pizza? Or French toast? Or coerce my husband into taking me to my favorite brunchy restaurant Black Walnut Cafe for Eggs Benedict?

Oh, speaking of going to brunch, we had some of our very best friends drive through town for a quick brunch visit. We ate at this great restaurant on Montrose called Canopy
 (photo from

The interior was well designed, materials were beautiful, and the artistic touches (like the twig/nest ceiling sculpture hanging above us) were very clever. Plus, how can you not love that every chair in the place is an Eames potato chip chair!?

I loved the interior, however my man (he's an artist with incredible instinct) mentioned to me that it was lacking something to make it distinctive. He was right. There needed to be something like a trademark piece of art or something not so literally interpreted as a tree canopy. 

Nonetheless, the restaurant was lovely and the breakfast was delish! 
Steak and Eggs for the man (with some kind of chalupa with black beans...)

Eggs Benedict for me (those are sweet potatoe cakes underneath, topped with canadian bacon, asparagus, then the eggs, sauce, and chives- MMM! and a fresh fruit salad on the side)


Am I the only one obsessed with breakfast food at the moment? Anyone else?




  1. Don't worry, I'm obsessed with breakfast food at all times...but I think that's a known thing. Ha!
    p.s. I'm going to have to hit up canopy soon, looks like I would dig it...