Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

My project currently has me immersed in studying ergonomic task chairs. I can't help but pine for something new to sit in for myself. Here are a few of my favorites:

I love this chair- Freedom, by Humanscale! My good friend, and fellow interior designer Collin (and his lovely fiance Andrea) pointed me to this chair for presence as well as ergonomics. It has a certain Eames Lounge chair aesthetic, I think.

I would love one in white:
Available to the trade from your Humanscale dealer or retail at Design Within Reach.

I also love this chair. My Knoll rep absolutely sold it to me when she demonstrated all the ways you can sit in it.

Because of the flexible frame material, you can sit sideways, backwards, reclining, leaning forward- and it still supports! The cantilevered arms keep it from bumping a desk edge, which is great.

I would want it in a white frame, fuschia seat (yes, you can custom order it). The standard colors available for retail at Design Within Reach.

Check out the demo here.

Also, I like the simple aesthetic of the Knoll Life chair. It's clean. It's not big and dark and techno-looking like some work chairs. It does all the adjustments you need for a tast chair, lumbar support, tilt, recline, adjustable arms, etc. You can purchase this retail at DWR or through Knoll, to the trade.

I'm gaga for this image. ANY chair would look amazing in this home office. I also really love the simplicity of the desks. They look like file cabinets with tops! That picture rail with big framed b&w art and the herringbone wood floors are what send me through the roof.
(Notice also, the canned lights above the desks- ALWAYS go with cans, instead of one big ceiling light fixture. Each desk also has its own task light which is definitely a must in a work environment).

So, those are some work chairs I'm digging. Which is your favorite?




  1. Love Love that Brown guy up top.... Drool.

  2. get one!!! or two!!!


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