Friday, June 4, 2010

More Backyard/Alley Ideas

 I've been on a quest to somehow for free or otherwise super cheap re-do my back little patio/alley.
This image is wonderful. I absolutely LOVE those orange chairs. Maybe I need orange chairs?

Spray paint some Craiglist finds, perhaps?

 I found this amazing blog via AT. This Brooklyn native MADE all their patio furniture and it's rad. I think I could reproduce a budget-friendly version out of wood pallets. Here are more pics of their back oasis.

SO cool, isn't it?
They even made a planter station, which I have no room for, but is so cool nonetheless.

So then there's this idea (also via AT) of a little banquette. You could put ready made outdoor cushions on this.

And sprinkle little bricks with glowing tealights and cute plantings around all the little nooks and crannies of the back yard.

Maybe rig some old colored bottles rigged up with some twinkley lights! Or maybe lights like these from Tar-jay.

Then of course, this is South Texas, so we would definitely need to spend money on something like this if we're going to spend the summer evenings outside:

Man, I am liking this vision more and more. :)


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  1. this makes me think of Hotel SJ on S. Congress, awesome!