Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hello, summer

Just thought I'd stop by and say hello and share some inspiration images. I have no idea where I grabbed these images from, but they're most definitely circulating blogland.

Working on some easy ideas for the bedroom of my new place. This image is everything I'd want a bedroom to be. Light, breezy, birdies on the cover, a punch of color, a little bit of rough material, a unique headboard. Yes, that is the DwellStudio duvet and shams I've had my eye on for the last few years. They keep having sales and I keep crossing my fingers... but we'll have to see. LOVE that yellow, but I might go for green. I bet I could make my own rough hewn looking bench. Easy DIY, maybe?

This is from that Bravo series Sixx Design, which, I confess, I've only seen once, but I love it. Their design aesthetic is exactly what I'd like mine to be. I mean, look at the concrete, tile, wood, and garage door mixed with odd eclectic art and vintage furniture. I so love that look.

I also think this desk is a clever idea. I could totally make this... if I had the tools, of course. The only down side would be finding a good way to store all the loose papers and junk that I tend to scatter all over my desk at home. Hmm... in a perfect world, though, I would be this organized.

As you can see, the summer has me leaning towards nature inspired interiors, but still with a touch of industrial.

What about you? Do your tastes tend to change with the seasons? Are you loving any new trends? Share! Share! Share!

Happy Summer, friends!



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  1. Well hi there! Check out this blog post:

    The Novogratzes put that same Queen Elizabeth postage stamp art (the one over the bathtub in your picture) in the Bungalow hotel.