Thursday, June 3, 2010

I want to have summer parties

There's this great little alley behind our apartment building. Well, I guess I should start by saying our new little apartment building is great. It's this old crumbly brick building that only houses 5 units, and I love it. This alley behind us, it's fenced in, creating a really really small little backyard. People store their barbeque grills back there, and there's a nook for the recycling bins, but really, this is unused real estate. 

I keep thinking that it would be magical to string some Christmas lights all along the fence, get some old patio furniture on craigslist and paint it matte black, throw in some pretty plants, and get a giant industrial fan. The mood I'm going for is very Cafe Brasil.

from Flickr.

These beautiful images are from the wonderful Carolina Eclectic FlickerStream. Check out her blog here.

OK, so back to dreaming... I could also try the wood pallet furniture thing... but I lack a wood shop. Does anyone know where to find a pattern for pallet chairs that doesn't consist of major wood work? I'm thinking more along the lines of a DIY project, not a woodshop project.

Since we're talking about Wood Pallet DIY projects, check out this rad table tutorial.

And of course, I'd want a party so I could have a super cute martini bar like this one.

I love Summer!


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