Saturday, January 8, 2011

Metal Chair Love

I think I have a problem, you guys... 

Metal Chair Love

It's time to admit it to myself as well as to you: I might have an obsession with metal chairs.

Seriously. I would collect ALL of these chairs and not think a second about it (I have the urban outfitter one- middle right). But the design sense in me says to balance the elements. For example, if you have metal, add some wood and upholstery pieces. Insert some leather or linen or velvet for a nice contrasting texture. 

Wisteria does it so well:
See? Metal side chair (and coffee table) with wood frame settee and linen upholstered arm chairs and wooden side tables. There's a sea grass rug on top of wood floors and a sparkley mirror on the wall. This is a great example of mixing finishes. Check out the pieces here.

This one is great too: metal chair, wood top coffee table with metal legs, metal lamp. THEN add upholstered seating, and some rustic wooden pieces and some pillows in linen and velvet. YUM! 

I promise I don't work for Wisteria. They just had some primo examples of textile mix I wanted to show you.

If I didn't care about the finished room, I would seriously just buy a million metal chairs and probably show up on the next episode of hoarders. 



  1. have you seen the perforated metal 'Marais' chair (bottom left set of three chairs in your collage above) that DWR has in their latest catalog that came out a couple of weeks ago?

  2. is it new? Or a variation of the Marais? No, I haven't seen the new catalog. Must. Have.

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