Thursday, January 20, 2011

Two of my greatest loves

Oh! I mean, besides my husband... and stuff. 

I'm in love with westies. If you know me, you know that (I think next year is the year I finally get one! Right, husband???). But put a westie on a classic, oooh ooh, better yet, a MCM piece of furniture and I'm swooning.


Flicker. This one needs his hairs cute. ;)

Flicker. OK, this isn't MCM, but the colors are great!
Sigh.... I need one. Don't I?


PS- does it make me a weirdo to google "westies in eames?" I don't think so. But seriously, if you ever come across a picture of a westie IN an eames (or bertoia, or other iconic MCM piece), I expect you to email it to me. Seriously.

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