Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's open in my firefox tabs?

I know that's your burning question. ;)

Seriously, are y'all bad about leaving 74359 tabs open in your internet browser like I am? Geez. No wonder my Mac Book gets mad at me and crashes. When I come across something super cool on the interwebs, I leave it open in a tab so I will come back to it. Oh yeah, then I don't. Not helpful. I just scrolled back to the first tab open in my firefox window- it's from a month ago, no lie. Which makes me think, hmmm I bet my million followers in blogland (hi mom!) would like to know what I deem as "cool." Ha! It's your lucky day:

  • This music blog is cool. I happen to know one of the contributing writers, Melissa, so I can vouch for her coolness and dig her taste in music. MAKE ME LISTEN TO COOL MUSIC is another resolution I need to add to this year's list! (I get so lazy w/music... I blame you, Pandora).
  • These pictures of Jora's little girls having tea makes me hurt it's so cute! I so want to have daughters one day! Oh and yeah, her house (which I blogged about before) is pretty much my dream house. I think her life in general is super dreamy, see evidence here and here.
  • Husband is getting himself a new pair of shoes- Toms. I've been on the fence about them for myself. I've been eyeing the grey ones. That is, until I saw how cute blogger from Backwoods Fern is in her red pair. I never wear red, but I like the ruby slipper effect these have. I'm tempted....
  • I want to marble something....
  • Trying out some of these workouts. I really like her workouts, but wish she'd put a bigger shirt on....

  • This house in NW Houston is quite the odd one. Priced so well and does have lots of potential. Someone buy it so I can help re-do it, please.
  • Also, beginning a project 365 like my dear friend Liz. Request to be my Flickr friend and you can check out my daily progress (fingers crossed).

What interesting tabs do you have open? Share, please!



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